# Installation

# Use Our GUI Installer

  1. Download Bagisto (opens new window)
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file.
  3. Point your HTTP server to the public/ directory of the project and open it on your browser.
    For example:
    • https://example.com/
  4. This will detect Bagisto and start the installer.

# Install Bagisto Using composer

composer create-project bagisto/bagisto
  • Start the installation script.
php artisan bagisto:install

# Features of above installation command


It will check existence of the .env file, if it exists then please update the file manually with the below details.



If the .env file does not exists then it will ask to provide the details on command prompts.

  • To start the installation, provide the details of the following command prompts:
-  Please select the default locale or press enter to continue [en]: 
-  Please enter the default timezone [Asia/Kolkata]:
-  Please enter the default currency [USD]: 
-  What is the database name to be used by Bagisto?: 
-  What is your database username?:
-  What is your database password?:

# Start Using Bagisto

# On a production server

  • Open your domain on the browser.
    For example:
    • https://example.com/

# On your local device

php artisan serve

# How to log in to your domain as an admin

Go to https://example.com/admin/, in case php artisan bagisto:install is opted, use the following credentials.

email: admin@example.com
password: admin123

# How to log in to your domain as a customer

You can directly register on https://example.com/customer/register as a customer, and then log in to your domain.