# Installation

# Use our GUI installer

  • Download bagisto (opens new window)
  • Extract the contents of zip and execute the project in your browser for example:
    • https://example.com/
    • https://localhost/bagisto/public
    • https://example.com/public

# Install Bagisto using composer:

composer create-project bagisto/bagisto

# Install Bagisto using command line:

  • Start the installation script
php artisan bagisto:install

# Features of this command


It will check if the .env file is already created or not.
Only if the .env file already exists then please provide the following details

  • After asking the following options it will start the installation
-  Please select the default locale or press enter to continue [en]: 
-  Please enter the default timezone [Asia/Kolkata]:
-  Please enter the default currency [USD]: 
-  What is the database name to be used by bagisto?: 
-  What is your database username?:
-  What is your database password?:

# Start using Bagisto

# On a production server

  • Go to your domain for example:
    • https://example.com/
    • https://localhost/bagisto/public
    • https://example.com/public

# On your local device

php artisan serve

# How to login as admin:

Go to https://example.com/admin/, in case you used php artisan bagisto:install use the following credentials

email: admin@example.com
password: admin123

# How to login as customer

You can directly register https://example.com/customer/register as a customer and then login.