# Digging Deeper

Welcome to the "Digging Deeper" section of the Bagisto documentation. Here, we will explore various advanced topics related to Bagisto, which will enable you to customize and extend your e-commerce platform to suit your specific needs.

We expect you to have knowledge of creating packages in Laravel. If you are new to package development, we recommend referring to the Package Development section for a primer on creating and managing packages in Laravel.

# Creating Payment Methods

Bagisto provides a flexible and configurable system for integrating different payment methods into your e-commerce store. We will guide you through the process of setting up and configuring payment methods, allowing you to offer a variety of options to your customers while ensuring a seamless and secure checkout experience.

# Product Types

Bagisto supports different types of products, allowing you to showcase and sell a wide range of items. We will delve into the details of configuring and managing product types, giving you the ability to define specific attributes and behaviors for each product category.

# Shipping Methods

Efficient and reliable shipping is crucial for any e-commerce business. Bagisto offers robust features for managing shipping methods, enabling you to define various shipping options, rates, and rules based on factors such as location, weight, or order value. We will explain how to configure and customize shipping methods to streamline your order fulfillment process.

# Events and Event Handlers

Events and event handlers provide a powerful way to extend the functionality of Bagisto by allowing you to react to specific actions or triggers within the application. We will show you how to utilize events and event handlers effectively, enabling you to integrate custom functionalities and automate processes.

# Helpers

Bagisto includes a comprehensive set of helper functions that simplify common development tasks and enhance productivity. We will explore the various helper functions available, explaining their purpose and usage to assist you in writing clean and efficient code.

# Indexing through Elastic

To optimize search performance, Bagisto integrates with Elasticsearch, a highly scalable search engine. We will guide you through the process of indexing your data using Elastic, improving the search functionality of your e-commerce store and providing a seamless search experience for your customers.

# Overriding Core Models

Sometimes, you may need to modify or extend the default behavior of Bagisto's core models to accommodate your specific business requirements. We will demonstrate how to override core models effectively, enabling you to customize the behavior of Bagisto without modifying the underlying codebase.