# Introduction

Bagisto is a E-Commerce framework built on top of the hottest opensource technologies such as Laravel (opens new window), a PHP (opens new window) framework and Vue.js (opens new window), a progressive Javascript framework.

Bagisto is a viable option to reduce your time, cost and workforce for building online stores or migrating from a physical store to an online platform.

It is suitable for all small or large E-Commerce business demands using a simple set-up procedure.
Built on top of Laravel (opens new window) and equipped with an easy product information management.

The framework is very flexible and easy to use even for non-tech users. Bagisto features an administration panel with a dashboard, sales data, a catalog for products and customer management.

To learn more about Bagisto's features and try a demo, check out our website https://bagisto.com (opens new window).
Get quickly updated on the current version and recently released features, see Bagisto roadmap (opens new window).
You can get started with the source code by checking out the repo on GitHub at bagisto/bagisto (opens new window).